“C’est la Vie” offers a varied menu combining French cuisine, inspired dishes, and volcanic “pierrades” hot stone for an original and gourmet experience. From our appetizers to our delicious desserts you can enjoy with a liquor or one of our delicious specialty coffees, we look forward to welcoming you.


Price to come.


Awaken your taste buds

C’est la Vie offers appetizers to activate your taste buds. Why not enjoy the foie gras on homemade croistini with demi-glace and citrus jelly or perhaps a traditional Swiss fondue? Or… we welcome you to discover the menu to find the starter of your choice.

Soup of the Day


House Salad
(Green salad, tomato, carrots with Dijon-balsamic dressing)


Escargots with garlic
With cheese + 3 $


Warm Goat Cheese Crouton with honey


Fabien’s Special Onion soup with Belgian Bread and melted Swiss and Mozzarella cheese


Caesar Salad


Gravlax (Marinated Salmon with citrus and dill)


Beef tartare Hors Château (*)
(capers, parsley and shallots)


Traditional Swiss Fondue


Foie Gras on house crostini with demi-glace and citrus jelly


Some of these dishes are or can be accommodated “Gluten Free “. Do not hesitate to ask your waiter or your waitress.


Epicurean spirit

“C’est la vie” offers mains prepared by the Belgian Chef, Fabien Gilissen who has owned the restaurant for more than 10 years.
From Quebec veal kidneys Dijon style to breaded rack of lamb with thyme demi-glace, pork milanese osso buco, gently roasted duck magret, filet of salmon with goat cheese and pesto, seared Quebec calf liver, pan seared scampi over tagliatelli or filet mignon, you are sure to find a dish that will delight your epicurean within.

Veal Kidneys Dijon style


Pork’s Milanese osso buco on tagliatelli, gremolata


Gently roasted Magret Duck with honey, garlic and ginger sauce (*)


Entier : $45.00

Demi : $30.00

Seared Quebec Calf’s Liver with balsamic reduction and caramelized onions


Filet of salmon with a goat cheese and pesto sauce
Served with the salad of the moment.


Breaded Rack of Lamb with thyme “demi-glace” sauce (±200gr)


Poêlée of 6 Shrimp on tagliatelli, parsley and Quebec garlic sauce vierge


The Filet Mignon of Beef “Simple Face” (*)
Mustard Whitewashed, stuffed with chopped shallot, parsley and a little melted butter


All these dishes are available in a three course dinner for an additional $10 fee
Some of these dishes are or can be accommodated “Gluten Free “. Do not hesitate to ask your waiter or your waitress..
Certain dishes or side dishes may contain pork, please notify your waitress / waiter if you do not wish to consume it.

(*) “Signature” dish


Each dish is made with fresh, premium quality ingredients. To ensure that this quality reaches you, the Chef only starts preparing your dish when he receives the order.
If you have time constraints, please let us know.
It is also for this reason that it is possible that some guests receive their dishes before you, even if your order was taken before theirs. Many thanks for your understanding and bon appétit!


Chlidren’s menu

Budding gourmets

A child’s palate develops from the earliest childhood. Later, meals become memories with both joy and nostalgia. We hope that years later, they will say: “Do you remember the restaurant C’est la Vie? “.

Pasta with Abby’s Rose Sauce


Salmon Laurence’s Style (Ask server for details) 


The Antoine Jacob’s hot stone (Ask server for details)


Followed by vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce or red berry sauce and whipped cream


Boneless Chicken Breast


Yellowfin Tuna Steak


Magret Duck breast


Entier : $42.00

Demi : $28.00

AAA Beef Flank Steak


Western Canadian Bison Steak


Rack of Lamb (+/- 200 gr)


8oz AAA Beef Filet Mignon


Surf ‘n Turf (100 gr Filet Mignon and 4 large Shrimp) 


Canadian Hot Stone (Quebec deer, Bison and Elk)


Discovery Hot Stone (Camel, Kangaroo and Wild Boar)


All the hot-stones are served with an assortment of seasonal vegetables.

All the hot-stones are “Gluten Free.
All these dishes are also available in a three course dinner for an additional $10 fee.

Compose your own pierrade

among these choices of meats and seafood (minimum 3 extras)

Three large Shrimp


Three large Scallops


80 gr of Yellowfin tuna


Half Magret Duck


Half Magret Duck de canard


100 gr of Filet Mignon


75 gr of Quebec Deer


75 gr of Elk


80 gr of Kangaroo


80 gr of salmon


80 gr of Bison


100 gr of Rack of Lamb


75 gr of Camel


75 gr of crocodile


Half chicken breast


Other accompaniments

All pierrades are served with an assortment of seasonal vegetables and “grelot” potatoes. grelots.
However, let yourself be seduced by one or more other accompaniments.

Gratin Dauphinois


Green Pepper Cream Sauce


Garlic butter


Assorted Cooked Vegetables



Finish on a high note

Our famous cherry compote with vanilla yogurt mousse and raspberry ice parfait, our homemade sugar pie and our Belgian chocolate profiteroles are our top 3 favorite desserts for our customers. Although the crème brûlée is also wildly popular!
Finally, you may be tempted by a Spanish, Brazilian, Quebecois, Irish or a Bailey’s Coffee. Or, you may enjoy a 10 year old Porto Offley Rei Tawny or a Calvados Boulard? No, perhaps it will be a Larsen VSOP Cognac!

Cherry compote with vanilla yogourt mousse and raspberry ice parfait (!)


Espresso/Cognac Tiramisu


Sugar tart


Notre crème brulée (!)


Warm chocolate cake with orange zest and crème anglaise


Belgian Chocolate Profiteroles (puff pastry with vanilla ice cream)


Edna May Sundae (!)
(Layered vanilla ice cream with cherry compote, whipping cream and raspberry ice)






(!) Sans Gluten
* included in the three course dinner
** offer for $4 extra with the three course dinner

special coffees

Spanich Coffee


Brasilian Coffee


Quebec Coffee


Irish Coffee


Bailey’s coffee


Porto Offley Rei Tawny 10 ans










Calvados Boulard


Cognac Larsen VSOP




Crème de menthe




Grand Marnier










Tia Maria


Triple sec


In case of discrepancies between the card displayed on this site and that presented in the dining room, the latter prevails.